Saturday, February 16, 2013

Web Conference Reflections 5.1

I attended a web conference on 1.15.13.  During that conference we discussed Blackboard changes and section numbers.  The main discussion was about the purpose of the class was to build technology instructional skills through classwork and collaboration with team members.  We also discussed that as a leader it is my duty and legal responsibility to provide development and instructional guidance to my staff.

I viewed the web conference recorded on 1.27.13.  The discussion included ILD and certification requirements.  Class members were still looking for collaboration teams to join.  Live Binders were discussed and their purpose explained.  The LiveBinder allows you to create categories/tabs in the binder to put links at apply to that category.  It is a simple and organized way to keep all your Web 2.0 resources available in one spot.

I attended the web conference on 2.16.13.  We discussed our Google Sites and aspects of the week 5 assignments.  We also discussed graduation requirements, practice LCE and requirements for 5398.  The class has been very beneficial and I have learned a lot from the technology tools and will utilize what I have learned in my daily work as well as share the tools with my staff.

Week 5.2 Reflection

I have enjoyed this class and the technology ideas and resources it has provided.  I have used a number of the Web 2.0 tools but I learned a lot from the week 4 assignment.  The collaboration assignment was very helpful in getting a toolkit of Web 2.0 resources from my teammate’s research.  I also enjoyed learning about Project Based Learning and Flipped classroom.  I have already spoken with my principal about videotaping classroom lessons and having them accessible to students, teachers and parents as an additional resource and intervention.   I will continue to learn through district technology workshops as well as seek out my own workshops that will keep me fresh with ideas on new technology initiatives we can use on our campus.  

As of today, my action research is almost complete. Initially, I thought I would only have time to collect one years’ worth of data but it appears that I will have enough time to collect two full years of data on our ELL students’ progress.  Once this school year is complete I will be comply the data and conclude my paper.

I currently have 322 hours completed for my Campuses –Supervised Internship Act ivies.  I need to input another 20 hours for the book study I facilitated and a few more hours of leadership activities such as SBDM and PLC meetings that have occurred over the past few weeks.  Although I have met the requirements already I will continue to add to my log as leadership opportunities arise.